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Explore our expertise in building Metro optical networks, City surveillance, and solar power for ice arenas.

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Building optical networks, security systems, and solar power solutions for stadiums.

Optical Networks

Creating reliable data transfer connections for efficient communication.

Security Systems

Installing high-tech camera systems to safeguard your premises.

Solar Power Solutions

Designing sustainable energy solutions to power stadiums and facilities.

Who We Are

We are Computer MK, specialists in building optical networks, metropolitan camera systems, and solar setups for winter stadiums. From connectivity to surveillance, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Us

Top reasons to partner with us for your projects.

Expertise in optical networks

Specialists in building high-quality optical network infrastructure.

Proven track record

Successful projects in metropolis camera systems installation and maintenance.

Dedicated to sustainable energy

Focused on delivering reliable photovoltaic solutions for winter sports facilities.

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